Cloud ROI

Cloud computing is a continuum built on the foundation of “sharing”. In simple terms, it is data distribution over the WAN through private, public, or hybrid models. Whether they realize it or not, many businesses are using the cloud in some form via their internet connections. Of course, there are [...]

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Cloud Security

With the rapid expansion of cloud computing, concentrations of corporate applications and data, comes increasing demands on IT to not only manage, but also protect these resources. Security is a hot issue for companies and organizations. Some of the most common issues include: Data breaches: when sensitive, protected data has potentially [...]

Utilizing Data Analytics and Business Intelligence to Build Customer Loyalty

Fact: Retaining customers is far less costly than attracting new ones. Fact: Using Data Analytics and Business Intelligence is the key to gaining in-depth knowledge of your customers – their behaviors, needs, wants, etc. – and building ties they don’t want to break. There’s a first step to every process. [...]

Growing your Business through Customer Relationship Management

Let’s discuss a core foundation of business success – customer relationship management (CRM). Intelligent personalized, and proactive customer engagement is a key to long-term customer loyalty. A powerful CRM system, like Microsoft Dynamics, connects customer-relationship business practices from marketing to sales to customer service, reducing costs and creating growth in [...]

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BYOD: The Pros and Cons

According to predictions by Gartner, Inc., almost 40% of organizations will rely exclusively on BYOD by the end of 2016 and by 2017, 90% will support some aspect of BYOD. On the one hand, BYOD promises to reduce cost and increase employee happiness, while on the other hand security threats, [...]

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