5 Foundational Pillars for App Success in the Cloud – Part I

Thriving, rather than just surviving, in the cloud is a key to your business’ application success. Five foundational pillars will ensure your various applications are cloud ready and reaching optimal performance. In part one, we will discuss the first three – Parallel (and allocated) Computing, Service-Centric and Flexible Design, and [...]

Fundamentals of Hybrid Cloud Management

Hybrid cloud management – combining both private and public cloud – enables companies to enjoy the benefits of both. The process, however, involves careful implementation of best management practices and procedures. Three key issues include security, account management and billing, and resource provisioning. Security in the Hybrid cloud centers on: [...]

Microsoft Bundling a Plus for Businesses

Bundling multiple Microsoft products pays off for businesses and organizations. Instead of continually accessing different tools, seamless integration allows IT access to multiple capabilities. From an IT-management perspective, there's one integrated security model, one integrated [systems] health portal, and the same data centers for Office 365, Power BI, and CRM [...]