Avoid Career Stagnation: Never Stop Growing and Learning

The World Series, Super Bowl, Masters, etc. aren’t won by people who earned their spot and then stagnated. They continue to practice, learn, and stay active in their game. Your IT career should follow the same criteria. Don’t get too stagnate in your present position – even if you love [...]

7 Keys to an Onboarding Process that Reaps a High ROI

A well-planned and implemented onboarding process can make the difference between energized long-term productivity and disgruntled short-term turnover.  Unfortunately, onboarding often takes a back seat to “seemingly more important” tasks. We beg to differ. Failure to onboard invites turnover, which invites more time and cost involved in another round of [...]

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Interview Strategy – Creates Great Hires

Developing interview “templates,” structured interviews combined with behavioral assessments, requires an initial investment of time but saves both time and money in the end. Every company has their unique needs and ideal candidate. A structured interview can be customized to your company’s objectives – the questions and any assessments can [...]