Office 365 Migration Comparison

Last week we discussed how to prepare for Office 365 migration in our blog. In addition to preparing for migration, you will have to choose which type of migration is best for your office/business. There is a variety of options available. It is important to understand the similarities and the differences between these options when…
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Preparing for Office 365 migration

Taking the proper preliminary steps will help prevent your Office 365 migration from creating havoc. Training: The cloud is a smart move for your business, but it operates differently than in-house software. Getting sufficient training for your staff prior to Office 365 migration is essential. Digital housecleaning: Ensure that your active directory is in tip-top…
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Build your Defense against Software Optimization Audits – Part I

Software license audits are inevitable.Take consistent appropriate steps; your company can be prepared and ready for audits before they happen. Be proactive - prepare before an audit occurs From the beginning – at the onset of your contract – clarify interpretation of the audit clause. Establish a clear and mutual understanding of your obligations. Specify exactly…
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