The Contract IT Advantage

Part II – Advantages for Your Company Information Technology, an integral part of every industry, often comes with a high price tag. Whether you’re combing massive databases for potential customers, implementing new software, seeking IT staff with specific certification, needing a cyber security analyst, or any other IT issue, the [...]

Millennial Women in Technology

 Let’s focus for a moment on millennial women in technology – a powerhouse of talent. Most of these women are not only well-educated and dedicated to what they do – they know their value and are ready to climb while maintaining a balanced lifestyle. If your company isn’t tapping into this [...]

Making a Life

"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give."              Winston Churchill  “Making a life” by giving doesn’t have to be difficult or big – often times the smallest gesture can bring the highest “ROI.” And Christmas time is a great time to [...]

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Winning in the IT Field

While it’s true that the supply and demand is falling in favor of the IT employee, that doesn’t eliminate or even reduce the need for excellence. Rising to the top of your field, be it IT or otherwise, is much faster and successful for those who enjoy what they do [...]

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