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Pass on Words for Passwords

Today’s technology gives companies access to infinite data. They can pay bills as well as invoicing customers, and manage all financial records and banking online. Everything, from an announcement for the next team meeting to highly classified information, can be organized and filed both on-premise and in the cloud for efficient access by all pertinent…
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IT Thought Leadership – Part II

So you’re ready to establish yourself as an IT thought leader. From last week’s blog, Thought Leadership – Part I, you understand what a thought leader is, why it’s important, and the personal costs involved; but now you’re ready to move forward. Of course, it’s not a simple one-two-three, and you’re there, but these steps…
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IT Thought Leadership – Part I

Are you an IT thought leader? In other words, are you: An IT resource – the go-to IT guy/gal in your field of expertise? The opinion everyone seeks? A trusted source of innovative IT ideas? The IT expert who turns those ideas into reality – inspiring sustainable change in not only companies but also within…
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Successful IT Management

Successful IT managers recognize principles of excellence in three distinct areas: the project – the people – themselves.     Managing IT Projects Establish your plan Ensure that IT is “reading from the same book” as company executives. Keep communication lines open so that both groups not only understand company goals and objectives, but also…
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