CRM Systems Benefit Multiple Business Avenues

Regardless of your industry, every business relies on technology. A crucial part of that technology is your customer relationship management. Whether you’re on the frontline of patient care or an accounting manager balancing needs against cost; whether you’re protecting your clients’ legal data or harnessing technology and data assets to [...]

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Pass on Words for Passwords

Today’s technology gives companies access to infinite data. They can pay bills as well as invoicing customers, and manage all financial records and banking online. Everything, from an announcement for the next team meeting to highly classified information, can be organized and filed both on-premise and in the cloud for [...]

Is Your Security Blanket Tucked In? Part II

Last week’s blog established the critical aspect of policy setting and governance. Today we will continue with the remaining two principles of a strong cyber security within your company – building a strong IT and training your staff. Combining these with your policy setting and governance will create a strong wall [...]