cynergies - contractPart II – Advantages for Your Company

Information Technology, an integral part of every industry, often comes with a high price tag. Whether you’re combing massive databases for potential customers, implementing new software, seeking IT staff with specific certification, needing a cyber security analyst, or any other IT issue, the constant search for skilled IT talent is a challenge for buy’s companies. Many companies are discovering the advantage of contracting their IT rather than hire permanent staff. Let’s look at why.

Sticker price:

Yes, contract IT Specialists demand, on the average, 30% higher pay, but study the big picture.

You can hire permanent staff for your open position. The salary is 100,000 per year. If you are paying 30% more to contract IT, that’s $30,000, but before you shake your head no, consider the hidden costs – both financially and otherwise.

  1. Benefits package – a pricey part of permanent hire, but no packages for contracted IT.
  2. Training – Onboarding permanent staff takes additional time (which is money), while contract IT Specialists are brought in to take care of a specific issue, for which they are specifically skilled, ensuring onboarding is minimal.
  3. Bad Hires – sometimes a new hire just doesn’t work out, and now you have to go through multiple steps and carefully dodge legal ramifications before you show them the door. This all adds up to more time, more money, more headache – with contract IT, you simply tell them not to come back.
  4. Pay when you need it – permanent staff gets paid every week – whether business is fast or slow. Contract IT is there when you need them and gone when you don’t.
  5. Finally, the cost of contract IT is typically a piece of the pie from the project budget, rather than requiring a dance with the HR resources.

While the financial benefits may be all the convincing you need, the advantages also include:

  1. Build a stronger, healthier permanent staff. When your permanent employees can fulfill their responsibilities, knowing they are backed by a solid IT core when needed, it reduces stress and burnout. Furthermore, when a special project is in place, the support from contracted staffing keeps everyone on task and moving forward.
  2. Hire the exact skills required for the current project, system, etc. Information Technology covers a vast array of skills and certifications and which ones you need varies from project to project. Contracting your IT with an IT staffing agency company like Cynergies Solutions.
  3. Focus on your business. When the IT part of your business is running smoothly – from day to day functions to updating current systems or implementing new software to special projects – every part of the business effectively meshes. You can focus on what you do best – lead a successful company.

Of course choosing a quality staffing agency to contract IT is essential to gaining the greatest advantage. At Cynergies Solutions, we custom-tailor IT staffing solutions specific to your current requirements. We contract skilled IT talent – men and women who are top in their field, but we take it a step farther. Cynergies knows that cultural fit is also key, and we match the whole package. Our goal is to exceed your expectations, delivering undisputed value and results. Contact us today.