cynergies - IT TalentFinding qualified talent has become an uphill battle; this is especially the case with the top of the pool. Hence, when making a new hire, it’s best to ensure that your company is well-positioned to benefit.  A word of advice – putting your best foot forward is not just about attracting well-qualified talent–it’s also about retaining them.

Unfortunately, there’s a lot that goes into retaining talented IT players; this is due in large part to the changing dynamics of the technical workforce. Although graduates are entering the workplace in record numbers, the number of top-flight graduates has stayed the same, if not fallen.

As a result, top talent is experiencing near-record demand. Hence, not only is it easy for these employees to find other positions but also competing businesses often recruit passive candidates. Ultimately, if you want to hold on to your top talent, you must give them a reason to stay. While not easy, it is possible. Here’s what we’ve found.

Create an Attractive Work Environment/Culture

Establish a positive work environment that fosters a collaborative, open, appealing, and a well-organized office

Create space that provides that “little extra” that says you care – video game room, ping pong tables, coffee shops, cafeterias that serve healthy and great tasting food, onsite childcare or pet services.

Encourage Talent Growth

While not everyone shares the same motivations, typically the most ambitious talent is driven by growth. Encourage your employees to grow and provide opportunities to ensure it. Seminars, conventions, continued education, webinars, etc. will not only expand your employee’s abilities but will also help your company. Of course, for this to work – long term – leadership must buy into this approach wholeheartedly.

Foster Company-wide Improvement

Don’t limit growth to your employees. Ensure that the company is also in a constant state of improvement, as well. Evaluate your company mission, goals, methods, etc. and change accordingly. Make a point of keeping up with technology.

The bottom line is that when your staff is happy, productivity goes up and your retention rate increases, as well.

Cynergies Solutions offers top tips on talent retention. We specialize in contracting IT Talent to meet your needs as they arise. Contact us today – we can make a difference for your team.