cynergies - attracting As an IT Professional, one of life’s little annoyances is being bombarded by recruiters who are quite sure they have a perfect position – made for you. On one hand, this is great – it’s affirming to be in-demand professionally, and you certainly don’t want to miss that golden opportunity. On the other hand, constant notifications about jobs that neither fit your skillset/experience nor your career preferences/goals muddy up the water so much that it’s easy to miss the right one.

So what can you do to eliminate the misconnects and focus on only attracting information from recruiters about positions that are a great fit? Revise your LinkedIn Profile.

The Preliminaries:

  • Use a high-quality, professional – yet warm and friendly – photo
  • Choose a custom URL
  • Know the audience you want to attract
  • Choose your keywords – base them on your audience, your industry, your skillset, certifications, job description, etc.

Create a Compelling Headline:

Design an “elevator pitch” headline that expresses who you are, your values, and your interests while including keywords that match standard job titles in your field. If you need help from a wordsmith – get it. Make every word count.

 Super Summary:

  • Write in 1st person – be concise – bullet points are a plus
  • Reveal your strengths – your specialties
  • Express your values – professionally and personally
  • Include fun and interesting facts about you

Entice The Right Interest with Your Experience:

  • Identify your accomplishments
  • Be specific concerning IT skills and experience
  • Indicate the types opportunities you are seeking – your career goals
  • List certifications, training, awards
  • Focus on key action words that deliver your message effectively – attracting attention to the right opportunities while filtering out the prattle.
  • Add life to your profile with images, videos, and recommendations from other professionals
  • Be active – post relevant articles and write your own

From your photo and headline to the last word, choose words that reveal you – your specialties, strengths, values, and interests – enticing recruiters to delve deeper and then clearly indicating whether you are a match – or not.

Stay active, but filter your settings. Every connection does not need to know every time you make an update.

Provide user-friendly contact information – if you designed a profile that specifically expresses your talents, career goals, etc. you will attract the right attention.

Cynergies Solutions makes note of amazing IT LinkedIn profiles. We pay attention to those keywords and descriptions because we know how important it is to make the right career move. Rather than mindlessly dumping inboxes, we take the time to know you professionally and personally. Contact us today – we’ll be your partner in your career journey.