cynergies - cloud fearsMany companies are hesitant to move to the cloud. Cost isn’t an issue – the cloud is relatively inexpensive and can be adjusted to most budgets with pay-as-you-go fees, but there are several overriding fears. Let’s examine the top “fears.”

Loss of control and customization: Typical cloud solutions maintain control by restricting both viewing and manipulation of “classified” information through job classifications and administrative settings. Companies can swiftly allow or revoke data access through backend processes. Yes, there is some loss of customization abilities when using the cloud, but on the other hand, cloud solutions are more streamlined than many on-premise solutions. In reality, inefficient on-premise systems and processes created the original need for customization.

Lack of knowledge, time, and receptive employees: The entire process of switching, from choosing a service until everything is running smoothly, can be overwhelming, but this is where a talented IT team comes into play. They will help you define your challenges as well as your goals and which features are essential for your company. They will help you plan first, evaluate your priorities and processes, minimize and deal with logistical challenges, and ultimately conduct a successful migration. They can also provide training for employees. Understanding why you are switching and proper training will greatly reduce employee anxiety.

Security issues: With the multiple data breaches among mega-conglomerates, this is the biggest and very real fear. Ensuring that the cloud provider you choose has both secure processes and contingency plans in place to ensure data protection from system failures, natural disasters, and unauthorized viewing is essential, but preventing in-house user errors are equally, if not more, important. Surveys reveal that inadequate identity credential and access management is one of the greatest causes of data breaches.

Next week, in Cloud Fears – Part II, we will go into greater detail of how to reduce security issues caused by user error – the dos and don’ts that will help your migration to the cloud remain secure.

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