cynergies - cloud fearsLast week we discussed some of the top fears that hold companies back from experiencing the advantages of the cloud. In addition to fears over loss of control and customization, and lack of knowledge, time and employee receptiveness, we also considered fears over security.  This week we will share ways that you can prevent security issues surrounding the cloud and help your company move forward.

  1. Utilize single sign-on solutions and multi-factor authentication for all users
  2. Manage privileged access accounts and securities
  3. Manage session monitoring
  4. Provide continuous reporting and monitoring of IT systems.
  5. Ensure proper password guidelines – keep passwords hidden and strong – no pet names, number sequencing, name or date-related, etc.
  6. Implement a “log-off” policy when leaving the office.
  7. Ensure that every employee watches for suspicious files or unknown email attachments – never open something that’s the least bit questionable.
  8. Ensure that all employees are aware of the dangers and entry points for ransomware attacks – consistently offer training opportunities.
  9. Establish pro-active solution for data loss – ensure that both your IT staff or vendor and your cloud service provider can offer a comprehensive plan for immediate backup and recovery.
  10. Prepare for every angle – including accidental deletion, file corruption, hacker intrusion, or natural disaster.

Switching to the cloud is a major decision for your business. Fears and anxieties are normal, but don’t let them control you. Rather control them through careful research, planning, and evaluation. Connect with a solid, experienced staffing firm who contracts talented, highly-qualified IT specialists for all your IT needs.

Cynergies Solutions is a great choice. We understand the cloud, fears of the cloud, and sound responses to those fears. Contact us today and take advantage of our expertise. We are here to serve you.