cynergies - AMSuccessful Application Management (AM) is the process of managing the operation, maintenance, versioning and upgrading of an application throughout its lifecycle. It is a method of IT governance that focuses on setting optimal procedural and performance standards, while integrating both IT and business AM objectives. Successful AM centers around best practices, techniques, and procedures, which are vital to an implemented app’s operation, performance, and effectiveness throughout the enterprise, as well as the back-end IT infrastructure.

Key factors in healthy application management include:

  1. Building on cognitive and analytical foundations: Observing patterns, predicting problems, and establishing automated reliable solutions.
  2. Managing applications must begin with the initial purchase, creation, building, and deployment, rather than waiting until it’s fully implemented.
  3. Maintaining a balance between the key stakeholders, which include:
  • Application owners – the executive personnel who are focused on apps as they relate to business productivity, revenue, and control.
  • Application developers – who develop and deploy the apps.
  • Application users – those who are in control of application processes and modules.
  • Application managers – IT personnel who are responsible for maintenance.
  1. Developing a sound strategy for application management across mobile devices – including both company-provided devices as well as BYOD.
  2. Creating a strong awareness of security, including:
  • Ensuring a clear understanding of regulatory compliance
  • Establishing specific policies and procedures to ensure security
  • Enforcing the company’s established policies.
  1. Customizing your enterprise’s application management to your specific issues – business expectations and targets, budget, consumer needs, etc.
  2. Placing access and control in the right hands – neither endangering security through too loose of protection nor hindering productivity through too tights of control.
  3. Finally, contracting or hiring strong, talented IT personnel to create, deploy, implement, and manage application processes.

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