cynergies - securityLast week’s blog established the critical aspect of policy setting and governance. Today we will continue with the remaining two principles of a strong cyber security within your company – building a strong IT and training your staff. Combining these with your policy setting and governance will create a strong wall of defense against security breaches.

Building a strong IT – whether you create an in-house or contract, a strong IT is essential. Ensure that your IT team has full visibility across every layer, enabling then to:

  • Maintain continual monitoring, not only for standard security protocol and viruses, but also vulnerability assessment, as well as potential penetration and intrusion – including reporting of multiple login failures, which can indicate an unapproved entrance.
  • Establish an ongoing reporting system that reports every incident – even the suggestion of an incident – to one point of contact to ensure that nothing is missed when viewing the big picture.
  • Develop an immediate response plan for every level of a security breach, from the “seemingly” inconsequential (there is an eventual consequence to even the smallest of breaches) to emergency situations. Zero tolerance protocol is acceptable.
  • Assess every vendor – including cloud vendors. Scrutinize each vendor on an ongoing basis – particularly on their security standards. Ensure that all cloud services go through the IT team’s scrutiny – prevent employees from bypassing security protocols when they need a cloud service.
  • Evaluate software services against writing your own. Publicly known vulnerabilities are one of the biggest threats for IT departments.
  • Create a testing program that regularly assesses each aspect of your cyber security system.

Training your employees – from entry-level to your top C-level. It is imperative that everyone is attuned to potential dangers and recognizes the need for caution at all points. Cybercriminals choose the easiest path available when gaining entrance. For example:

  • While they are adept at writing crafty codes that enable hacking, if they can access your data by gaining access through deception, they will – it’s faster and easier.
  • Hacking the account of a single high-level exec is often an open-door into the entire organization – or at least a big enough piece to cause disastrous and expensive results.
  • Creating an official-looking message, website, or other communication that appears to be a trusted source can be a relatively simple way to access to your systems.

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