cynergies - securityWith the rapidly increasing technologies, digital presence, IoT, mobility, etc., cybersecurity continues to be a top priority for business. Data breaches, ransomware, spear phishing, etc. are an ever-increasing threat. Approaching data security effectively requires a game of balancing risk management against resiliency, implementing methods that companies to address security prevention while remaining responsive and agile. Companies must maintain a constant response approach – setting up security prevention is crucial, of course, but it is only the beginning. Real security success comes from constant surveillance, maintaining visibility at every layer, detecting breaches immediately, and being response-ready at all times.

Staying on top of cybersecurity means centers around three principles – embracing governance, building a strong IT, and training your employees. In Part I, we will discuss governance.

Embracing governance – maintain an overall approach that establishes policy, monitors, and protects.

  • Place priority on all points of data security from processes to device protection, data flow, and specific strategy for the IoT.
  • Locate all points of confidential info, identify who has access, establish specific and regularly updated passwords for each of these individuals, and ensure the removal of access from exiting employees.
  • Establish guidelines for secure infrastructure – ever-increasing connectivity and integration of new devices and network segmentation, including wireless connections, requires diligence and specific guidelines to prevent hidden weak areas.
  • Place a limit on devices. This requires two points. One, only allowing encrypted and company-approved devices and two, not only barring removable storage media, but also establishing a hardware environment that hinders its use.
  • Designate where the buck stops. In the end, there needs to be one person who is ultimately responsible for cybersecurity compliance and who has the authority to take immediate action.

Establishing policies and a system of governance is only the first step. Companies must also ensure a strong IT system/team and train every employee. Return to next week’s blog where we will discuss these remaining two principles.

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