cynergies - challengesFrom internal to external issues, companies face a broad range of IT challenges, and the list grows with each year. Identifying the current challenges and pinpointing the key aspects will help your business continue to succeed and grow.

Six of the current top IT challenges facing business


Cyber-Security – the extensive big business data breaches says it all. Companies must:

  • Place priority on all points of data security, establishing guidelines, limiting devices, and designating exactly where the buck stops.
  • Build a strong IT department that continually monitors, reports, and responds.
  • Assesses and tests vendors and software programs.
  • Trains employees to recognize potential dangers and operate within caution guidelines.

Data Privacy – Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation is setting the pace. Companies must:

  • Make data privacy a priority, keeping customers at the center of their data decisions.
  • Fully recognize that massive data collection comes with ethical, moral, and legal issues concerning ownership, as well as appropriate collection usage.
  • Respect that their customers/clients are very concerned about the consent, collection, and analysis of data connected to them.
  • Create sensible privacy policies or the government will.

Staying abreast of new technology – new devices, software, and the ever-increasing IoT. Companies must:

  • Establish clear planning, procedures, and policies concerning new technology.
  • Evaluate which technology is appropriate for their business.
  • Train staff before implementing new programs.
  • Ensure compatibility with existing infrastructure when deploying new technologies.
  • Establish device management.

Channel Management – Taking advantage of the social media aspect of technology is key to company growth. Companies must:

  • Keep abreast of new features and functionality of each the different social networks – understanding what each channel excels in and hiring the best IT talent for managing it.
  • Understand the individual channels before strategizing the big picture.
  • Understand their audience – and adjusting style and tone of posts accordingly.
  • Be on the alert for new options – technology is consistently moving forward and creating new.

Brand Establishment – This is more than your logo – it’s your reputation, the client’s perception of everything your company represents. Companies must:

  • Build relationships with their client’s – get personal through channel management.
  • Attract new clients by focusing on what the company does best, rather than a competitor’s downfall or weak area.
  • Stand behind their talk – if the walk isn’t there – neither is company growth.

Innovation – creating streamlined, intelligent processes for everything tech. Companies must:

  • Stay a step ahead in tracking issues concerning application, performance, and monitoring.
  • Discover new ways and means to overcome visibility issues and stand out.
  • Create smooth running networking performance – across multiple platforms and devices.
  • Manage their infrastructure – promoting optimal efficiency throughout connected devices, virtual environments, servers, and applications.

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