cynergies - networkingThe face of networking is changing – at least if you are a busy IT professional. You don’t have time to be constantly sending out “cold call” requests trying to build your repertoire of connections – nor do they have time to sort through their requests and find you. It’s time to try a different tactic – that is, attracting the professionals you want to connect to approach you through inbound networking.

Know your audience and focus on that unique part of you that fits that audience. There are many different fascinating aspects to your professional make-up. Compose a list of interesting personal facts. Now, whether you’re sending an email, posting on a social media page, or attending a networking event, share something that is most likely to grab the attention of the person or group with whom you want to connect.

Choose a personal interest and become the expert. This can be within or outside of your professional field. When you become known – even in small circles – for a particular talent, you will soon be drawing the attention of others. According to Dorie Clark, When you’re an expert in a given niche, you can often connect on a level playing field with people who, under other circumstances, might be out of reach.”

Generate groups, events, etc. Take your expertise a step further. Be the host. Initiate a group online or even stage an event. Invite people who are experts in the field, of course, but also include those who are growing.

Choose a few professional groups and make a big impact. There are many groups available, but in reality, it’s far more beneficial to choose the ones that create connections within the best circles for enhancing your career. Lest this sounds like it’s all about you, we remind you that groups are also for giving – for sharing your expertise and helping others.

Give first. There are many ways to help your colleagues and those professionals who are desirable potential connections. Genuine sharing – a positive comment on their blog post or after they gave a talk, an article that might be of help, a connection to one of your colleagues – builds a foundation and opens the door to extensive professional relationships.

 Be real, upfront, and honest. False flattery or even an offer of coffee when what you actually want is their help, is a fast way to shoot yourself in the foot.

Networking is an essential component to an active growing IT career. It needs to be managed, however, to ensure growth rather than become a stress trigger. As an IT professional, you already know and understand the tech tools at your fingertips and how to use them. Applying these principles will help your career soar.

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