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Successful IT managers recognize principles of excellence in three distinct areas: the project – the people – themselves.



Managing IT Projects

  • Establish your plan
  • Ensure that IT is “reading from the same book” as company executives. Keep communication lines open so that both groups not only understand company goals and objectives, but also are in accord on the process to reach said goals and objectives.
  • Apply the SMART Goals philosophy: Specific – Measurable – Action-focused – Realistic – Time-specific
  • Prioritize your schedule and plan of action to attain your expected result. Skip being the multi-task hero – it only slows you down and makes you more susceptible to error.
  • Document everything and keep the information easily assessable – use necessary and appropriate tools, software, apps, etc. needed to organize info. Besides keeping you on track, documenting and tracking metrics establish the significance and importance of your project toward the ultimate benefit of the company.
  • Make wise use of your resources and take all possible action to ensure you’re your IT team delivers the completed project on time, and according to the promised established value.
  • Remain aware of all potential risks and take the necessary steps to minimize them.

 Managing your IT people

A successful IT Manager begins by creating community. Everything you can do to connect your IT team members as a unified group will enable efficient, effective service.

  • Know the strengths (and weaknesses) of each team player and assign responsibilities accordingly.
  • Set goals, checkpoints, and deadlines for each player.
  • Give them the appropriate tools, resources, and authority.
  • Communicate clearly and consistently.
  • Keep an open door; listen to their feedback and input.
  • Show appreciation – positive reinforcement produces greater productivity and happier people.
  • Encourage a culture that lends itself to professional development, vision, and leadership.

Managing Yourself

  • Understanding yourself, your work patterns, your strengths, your weaknesses, etc. and being honest about it will enable you to be a better manager.
  • Keep track of your time and activities – know what empowers you and what distracts you.
  • Take time to restore. Carrying your work with you 24/7 depletes you physically and mentally. Taking a break with your devices on off, getting physical exercise, healthy food choices, and decent sleep will ensure greater productivity in the end.

The ultimate success of IT projects relies as much on team management as it does on team skill. Taking the time to apply these principles of IT Management will bring greater career fulfillment and growth.

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