Financial Services

Cynergies delivers financial services IT human capital, to many organizations including: Banks, Investment Banks and Insurance companies.


Huge disruptions in the financial services industry have created immense challenges for the banking and investment services organizations recently. These challenges need to be met head on and are, in some cases, changes to the entire way that banking organizations operate.

We understand the key issues you are facing and have staffed the following initiatives:

    • Streamlined processes to improve effectiveness and efficiency cost savings
    • M&A planning and post-merger integration of IT systems and processes
    • Governance...especially decision-making around technology investments
    • Regulatory changes
    • Alignment, driving the link between Business and IT strategies and plans
    • The need to look ahead and make the strategic IT plans and investments


    • Banks
    • Investment Services
    • Insurance


Alternative to Large National Vendors—Lower Cost, Better relationship management and much greater flexibility

Alternative to small niche providers—greater scale, wider geographic reach and deeper subject matter expertise

Although there are many similarities, each business is unique. We get to know your business and what sets it apart and have worked in most industries including financial services. With our financial services IT staffing knowledge combined with our experience, we are confident we can provide a financial IT staffing solution.


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