Cynergies staffs IT professionals to Healthcare organizations to help build, integrate and support critical applications and infrastructures.

Healthcare Providers

Care delivery organizations around the world continue to turn to IT as a means to improve the quality of care and patient safety while reducing inefficiencies, and optimizing costs. Continually increasing demands on Healthcare provision brought about by increasing life expectancy and higher expectations of the quality of provided care stress the need for IT to prove its value and contribution to patient care and improvement in the provision of healthcare as a whole.

Cynergies has a unique capability to assist the Healthcare community to understand the real value and potential of emerging technologies. Our healthcare IT staffing solutions enable clients to drive efficiencies and achieve business goals by aligning IT investment with strategic and clinical initiatives

We understand the key issues you are facing and have staffed the following initiatives.

    • Clinical quality, safety, and process improvement
    • Leveraging government investments in Health IT
    • Health Information Exchange (HIE)
    • IT infrastructure modernization
    • Cost containment amid budget cuts
    • Metric creation and electronic reporting
    • Vendor management
    • HIPAA information-sharing requirements
    • Endowment fund tracking
    • Automated process flow for approvals
    • Physical and application access

Healthcare Payer

Cynergies works with the distinct requirements of Healthcare Insurance companies to help build flexible, robust systems that meet their unique needs. Our experts provide Application Development and Enterprise Integration, Business Intelligence Solutions and Infrastructure and Security. Cynergies goal is to provide resources that streamline payer processes.

We understand the key issues you are facing and have staffed the following initiatives.

    • Client retention
    • Resource managemen
    • Cost control
    • Inefficiencies
    • Claims processing
    • Sales effectiveness


    • Payers
    • Providers


Alternative to Large National Vendors—Lower Cost, Better relationship management and much greater flexibility

Alternative to small niche providers—greater scale, wider geographic reach and deeper subject matter expertise

Although there are many similarities, each business is unique. We get to know your business and what sets it apart and have worked in most industries including Healthcare. With our Healthcare IT staffing knowledge combined with our experience, we are confident we can provide a Healthcare IT staffing solution.

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